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How to deal with rising health care costs

health care costs

Many seniors are finding their medical expenses exceed what they anticipated when planning for retirement. Maximizing the value of available assets can be one of the ways to significantly ease a stressed budget. Whether living a longer, healthier life than ...

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Practically speaking—The sandwich generation


My mother-in-law moved in with us the day she became a widow and lived with us for the next 27 years. At one point, I found myself caring for an aging parent and growing children while pursuing graduate school and ...

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Practically Speaking—Changes to Social Security

Social Security

Just when you think it can’t possibly get more complicated, enter the Federal Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015. While there has never been—and probably never will be—a one-size-fits-all solution to Social Security filing, this new bill brings significant change. It ...

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Practically speaking – wealth health


I am passionate about finances and serving people in this area of their life. Managing financial resources must be in my DNA! Witnessing the consequences of financial neglect compels me to promote wealth health to anyone who will listen. Grasping ...

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Practically speaking – Joy to the World

Operation Christmas Child

Thirty-five years ago I experienced one of the most profound Christmas memories of my life. My husband and I encountered a bewildered young mother consoling her three small children after discovering her husband had just abandoned them. Apparently caring more ...

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Practically speaking… Coping with sudden wealth

financial planning

Doesn’t the sound of sudden wealth sound amazing? Have you ever speculated about a large inheritance or winning the lottery—what you would do with the money and how wonderfully generous you would be? Since trillions of dollars are expected to ...

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Before you pull the trigger on retirement


“What do you mean we should work longer?” This is a common expression we hear when clients decide they want to move up their retirement date but don’t quite have key foundational pieces in place. Shifting from the accumulation phase ...

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Practically Speaking…Becoming a Wise Investor


Part 2 of 3 Remember that childhood admonition before you cross a street: stop, look, and listen? It is much the same for investing. As you pause, look both ways, and listen for warning sounds, you can then step carefully ...

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