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Cleveland Abduction: Courage, faith, riveting TV drama

Michelle Knight

No one should have to suffer what Michelle Knight and her fellow captives did in Ariel Castro’s house of horrors. With gripping realism and tender reflection, Lifetime’s movie tells this absorbing story from abduction to liberation and beyond. In May ...

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‘A.D.’ and ‘The Identical’

A.D. a 12-week series

‘A.D.’ Juan Pablo di Pace, a dastardly villain in TNT’s “Dallas” series, goes from the darkness to the light after landing the part of Jesus in the original NBC series event “A.D.” Di Pace leads a cast representing 10 nations. ...

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Exodus movie: brother-enemies, slavery, liberation

Exodus: Gods and Kings

If you were an epic-adventure filmmaker and wanted a protagonist who could connect with over half the world’s population, Moses would be a prime candidate. He’s revered by Christians, Muslims and Jews. The first five books of the Hebrew Bible ...

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Year of the Bible to extend into 2015 with ‘Mary’

While most Americans are feverishly focused on Christmas, producers of another Bible-based film, “Mary,” are in pre-production in advance of an April release. The Aloe Entertainment movie stars Odeya Rush (“The Giver,” “The Odd Life of Timothy Green,” “We Are ...

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Rogue film script would mean Exodus for biblical flick


The success of the epic motion picture “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” set for pre-Christmas release on Dec. 12 and starring Christian Bale, will largely depend on how much producers stick to the biblical storyline, a new survey says. The survey ...

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Outtakes | Eastwood son catches ‘Perfect Wave’


Encinitas resident Scott Eastwood, the son of famous actor-director Clint Eastwood, made his own splash this summer with the release of “The Perfect Wave,” an international film about surfer-pastor Ian McCormack. The younger Eastwood’s previous credits include “Gran Torino” and ...

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Reboot of ‘Left Behind’ hits theaters

Left Behind

Of all the jobs in the world, moviemaking surely has to be one of the most challenging ones—especially when it comes to filming subjects no one has ever seen or experienced. For instance, what should a scene look like in ...

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