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Resolving to love


Now that we’ve gotten that pesky Christmas Spirit out of our system, we can get back to what had been bugging us before we had to put in on hold for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Where were ...

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Ultimate love

God's love

Our beloved housecat died last week. Marvin the Cat was a mere 6 years old and in his prime. We heard a crash in one of the bedrooms and there he was, on the floor, taking his last breath. His ...

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Taking time to dance


This year, I have really been challenging myself to show up for people. Not just visiting them in the hospital or officiating at their wedding, but also when something great is happening in their lives. Seems like Jesus did a ...

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Beyond Google love

Google love

We live in a world obsessed with love. It’s hard to read a book or watch a movie or even listen to a song that isn’t somehow about love. A common phrase on the Internet is so bold as to ...

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