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Practically Speaking…Becoming a wise investor


When I mention the word investor, do legends of the investment world like Warren Buffett or John Templeton come to mind? Perhaps you think of a major investment bank or a variety of Hollywood movies where Wall Street personalities dream ...

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Practically speaking…raising money-smart children


My earliest childhood money memory was with my father kneeling beside my bed and counting out my 10-penny allowance. “One for Jesus, one for your savings, and the rest for you to decide,” he would say. The priority of giving ...

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Practically speaking…time for a new car?

New car

Who can resist the tantalizing advertisements that portray a happy family, successful businessman or beautiful couple driving into the sunset in a shiny new car—all for “just dollars” a month? A new vehicle decision is often an intimidating process with ...

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Practically speaking… In matters of life and death

You always think loss will happen to someone else—until it happens to you. Rachael, a 26-year-old wife and expectant mother, was living the all-American dream when her 30-year-old husband was killed in a accident. I came alongside Rachael to help ...

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Practically speaking… a spending plan


If you believe a spending plan is really just a politically correct term for the dreaded word “budget” or a subtle lure to get you started on something that will restrain you from living life freely, my goal is to ...

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Practically speaking … A game plan for 2015

Save money

While I cannot predict the economic events ahead, without question your preparedness for the ups and down of uncertainty will play a major role in supporting your emotional and financial equilibrium throughout 2015. So, how about a game plan for ...

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Keep the woe, woe, woe out of your ho, ho, ho

Credit Freeze

* Woe Money Woes Relative Woes Shipping Woes Perfect Gift Woes Too-Many-Party Woes Christmas Sweater Woes Martha Stewart-You’re-Not Woes Where-to-go-Christmas-Morning Woes !!! Do you get the picture? If you are someone who feels conflicting emotions about the Christmas season, you ...

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Power Up Principle 11 — Radical Generosity


As I have traveled throughout the world, I have observed that Americans are among the most generous people on the planet. We are certainly a blessed people who give with an open hand and a compassionate heart to those in ...

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Power Up Principle: Leaving a Legacy of Love

Estate Planning

If I told you that you could take proactive steps to help keep your family from hating each other after you’re gone, would that interest you? Sadly, family drama occurs more often than you think! I recently conducted a joint ...

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