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Power-up Principle #9: Conquer the clutter


I’ve lost count of how many people we’ve helped sort through mounds of documents gathered from the nooks and crannies of their home. Fearful of tossing anything “important,” people stack their paperwork on kitchen tables, stuff it into drawers (especially ...

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Power up principle: Avoid the use of debt

Does the topic of money trigger feelings of excitement, anticipation, peace of mind? Or rather fear, dread, even panic? As I look to the future, I have come to the conclusion that economic uncertainty is our new normal so we ...

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Power up principle: The power of contentment

Have you ever asked yourself “How much is enough?” Will more stuff really bring you the satisfaction you’re looking for? The answer is “perhaps for a little while,” but it fades quickly. During my years of practice, I have observed ...

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Health care reforms could impact your tax returns

Several key tax law changes in the Affordable Care Act have been implemented in 2013 and 2014. The impact of those changes on federal tax returns due April 15, 2014 and 2015 hinge mainly on your household’s adjusted gross income ...

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Power up principle: The power of planning

The first thing I do at my office each morning is “power up” my computer. This tool has enormous capabilities that add instant benefits and make my life more productive. Unless I use it, however, it’s just a dormant piece ...

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