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Refreshed is a monthly, faith-based lifestyle magazine that features informative and thought-provoking columns, inspirational articles, human-interest stories, and intriguing accounts about life in the local community, as well as occasional features on nationally known personalities.

Refreshed magazine is published by Selah Media Group. The publishers have been in the business for 25 years and have developed a strong reputation nationwide for their award-winning publishing efforts.

About-KirkCameron About-GraduateStudent About-Adoption
Unstoppable faith: Kirk Cameron’s new film explores personal journey in the midst of tragedy Barrett Keene, a graduate student raises awareness about some of the world’s most vulnerable children. Young couple’s adoption process marked by miracles
About-ChristianHosoi About-Garlow
Christian Hosoi: Former drug mule, skating pro finds new identity in Christ alone When healing doesn’t come: Carol Garlow clings to faith, family in protracted cancer battle Health Matters: What you need to know about eating processed foods
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