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Christmas: The secular vs. the sacred

Can we celebrate Jesus and Santa on the same day? Is it possible to celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus on the same day? There is certainly a warm, nostalgic feeling about the Christmas season. Social media fills up ...

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The gospel of right choices

Security in faith

There’s more than one way to get to where you need to go. It’s why I don’t just look up directions on the maps app on my phone. I also check out Google maps. Sometimes they are in sync, other ...

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Finding rest in the rush


For families, the back-to-school season means new schedules, fresh routines, football, shorter days, and the excitement of focusing again after summer vacation. As fall kicks off, however, the busyness and stress of juggling life can feel overwhelming at times. Amid ...

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To my four kids, from Dad

Huckin’s family

After five days in the hospital filled with overwhelming joy, paralyzing fear and complete exhaustion in the wake of the recent birth of our twins, I finally found a moment to walk outside the florescent lights and sit under the ...

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Taking time to dance


This year, I have really been challenging myself to show up for people. Not just visiting them in the hospital or officiating at their wedding, but also when something great is happening in their lives. Seems like Jesus did a ...

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Fishes and loaves

Fishes and loaves

Almost every day for lunch, I eat a Lean Cuisine meal. (Lean Cuisine, feel free to sponsor me.) Not because I’m trying to lose weight, even though I should. But because it tastes good, it’s cheap and I hate going ...

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Knowing God without knowing all of God

In the post-enlightenment Western world we live by rules of science. Theories are posed, evidence is gathered, facts disputed, and in the end truth is discovered. At least truth about some things is discovered. But the model of scientific discovery ...

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A lifestyle of generosity


I had my bags packed and was about to leave the hotel room. I glanced around to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. The order and cleanliness of the room reminded me how thorough the housekeeper had been that week—replacing ...

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Can you be a Christian without believing in Christ?


The rise of the “nones” — Americans who no longer check a religious affiliation on demographic surveys — has stirred up interesting conversations among church leaders. A generation ago, many Americans would have been considered “nominal” in their devotion. Today, many ...

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