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Rise of the robots


There are so many good things to do in life, along with a never-ending stream of challenges. If, however, technology is going to eventually do everything for us, why even bother getting out of bed in the morning? That sounds ...

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The heap of history


When I announced my recent trip to Israel, reaction included comments such as, “Is it safe over there?” or simply, “Why?!?” One of my favorites was, “Other than sand and camels, what’s there?” I decided to go for several reasons, ...

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The truth and total recall

The recent problems facing NBC News anchor Brian Williams should cause all of us to focus on a couple of key things: Truth is essential and time can sometimes make recall a bit fuzzy, if we allow it. In Williams’ ...

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The treble of culture

I should have been a kid during the 1930s. Not because I think it would have been so good to grow up during the Great Depression, of course. I have just always had an affinity for the history of that ...

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Embracing life’s melodies

“Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens”… For some reason, the song “My Favorite Things” is not only a timeless show tune, but it’s also become popular during the Christmas season.  When trials come, like bee stings and bites, the singer ...

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Signs of the times


Signs, signs, everywhere the signs. There are signs of the times, signs of the seasons and “signs and wonders.” Signs are increasing in number to the point where I ask myself if we can do anything on our own anymore. ...

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The parable of the cinnamon roll

Cinnamon roll

There’s a reason why communication is enhanced through stories: They work. A compelling story will connect, engage, and enlighten. Jesus told stories, “parables,” and lives were changed—at least for those who really listened. In our day a good story still ...

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Just sitting… enjoying the view

Big Bear

“Well now class, what did we learn over summer vacation?” asked nearly every teacher in America. How many times have we heard a variation of that question? It’s a rite of passage from seasonal leisure to those back-to-school, nose-to-the-grindstone cycles ...

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Footloose summers a thing of the past | Mark Larson

We interrupt this issue for an important update from the hammock. Summer’s here and with all the busy schedules of the season, it’s important to recharge personal batteries with occasional relaxation—but with a purpose. Full disclosure: I’m not really in ...

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