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6 secrets to ‘eating out’ with children

eating out with children

The first time my wife and I took our newborn to a restaurant, time seemingly stood still. Sweet elderly ladies “oohed” and “aahed” over our little bundle of joy. Waitresses stopped by our table to take a peek, amazed by ...

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3 things to teach your daughter about true beauty


My daughter Maggie is only 3 but she already knows what she wants to be when she grows up. A princess. But not just any princess. She wants to be a beautiful princess. And preferably, one who wears pink dresses. And does ballet. Three ...

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3 ways to raise modest kids (in an immodest world)


I’m not sure when parents began debating the so-called “sheltering” of children, but I’m pretty sure the conversation became far more significant when television was invented—that is, when we allowed culture to invade our lives. I tend to fall into ...

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‘Dad, who is Satan?’

Teaching kids the basics about God can be easy—at least compared to other subjects. For instance, even a young toddler quickly can learn the answer to “Who made you?” And after that, they just as easily can learn the answer ...

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Playing favorites

Father sons

My kids have been asking me, “Who’s your favorite?” One of them even gave me a picture frame with the words “from your favorite son” on it. So I guess I should let them know which one gets this coveted ...

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3 simple ways to teach kids to pray


Children were a focus of Jesus’ ministry. He used the loaves and fish from a boy to feed the 5,000. He healed at least one sick child and raised another one from the dead. He told his followers to have ...

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4 ways to raise selfless kids

Selfless kids

My youngest son is 3 years old, and he, like all of us, struggles to put others first. His selfish moments, though, tend to be louder—and at the same time, funnier. For example, there was the moment a few months ...

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