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Here’s to good health

Kim Ruby is the director of Nutrition and Wellness at University Compounding Pharmacy in San Diego.

4 ways to stretch your health benefits

health benefits

Often, employees enroll in medical insurance plans for protection against unpredictable events, sudden illness or serious health concerns that may result in expensive medical bills. Getting the most from your benefits requires understanding coverages and deductibles, as well as taking ...

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5 Time-Saving Ways to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

healthy family

With busy schedules and never-ending to-do lists, it can seem like living a healthy lifestyle is out of reach. But, prioritizing nutrition doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are five quick tips to help you and your family eat ...

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5 simple ways to create more healthy days

people gardening

Creating more healthy days is easier than you may think. Contrary to popular belief, overall health is more than just being free of disease or chronic illness. Other factors, such as access to fresh foods, neighborhood walkability and public safety, ...

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Kidney disease and children

Kidney disease is not a health problem reserved for adults: children may have kidney disease or health problems that can increase their chance of developing kidney disease as adults. Health problems or conditions present at birth are the main cause ...

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Ways to fight a cold or flu

Cold and flu

Even a mild case of the flu or a powerful cold can leave you feeling run down and out of sorts for days or even weeks. While many ailments must simply run their course, there are many steps you can ...

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Power into a New Year with protein


If the idea of diving into a new year has you feeling more exhausted than invigorated, it may be time to introduce some new strategies to help keep busy days from feeling overwhelming. Proper exercise, balanced nutrition and quality rest ...

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Don’t let a cold or flu ruin the holiday season

cold and flu season

As the holidays approach, many are gearing up for Christmas dinners, holiday shopping and celebrating with family and friends. But with the unpredictable cold and flu season, it’s equally important to add staying healthy to your list. To help answer ...

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Simple ways to manage pain

back pain

Sooner is better when it comes to managing nagging aches and pains that can hamper your healthy lifestyle. In fact, the coming winter months are when pain pops up the most for people of all ages, according to celebrity trainer ...

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Protect your family’s vision from digital devices


Digital communication has become an integral part of daily life. Smartphones and tablets are pocket-sized personal assistants with appointment reminders, news and a means of keeping in touch with family and friends. Living multi-screen lives may aide productivity, but eye ...

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