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Angel Tree restores families

Angel Tree

It was back in the 1990s when I was practically a kid writer at BreakPoint that I first heard about Prison Fellowship’s amazing Angel Tree program. I was moved by how much Chuck Colson and the Prison Fellowship staff poured ...

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The Story of the Century | Christianity and Islam

Christianity, Islam

Despite appearances in our corner of the world, religion is not going extinct. Quite the contrary. Predictions by the likes of Nietzsche, Marx, and Freud that faith would vanish have turned out spectacularly wrong. Yes, in the West (particularly Europe) ...

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New reports on religious freedom


Religious liberty, a cornerstone of American life since the founding of this country, is showing some disturbing cracks in light of increasing conflicts over the definition of marriage. Yet as worrisome as these trends are in America they pale in ...

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Many beautiful things | The gift of sight

Many Beautiful Things

Suppose you were given the choice between using your God-given gifts in a way that would make you famous, or in a way that would guarantee a life lived in obscurity. That’s the choice one Victorian-era artist had to make. ...

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Religious Freedom Day and public schools

religious freedom day

Right up there with Christmas music on the radio and festive lights on people’s houses, it’s become an annual tradition during the Christmas season for people to criticize schools for daring to display Christmas trees, sing Christmas carols, and acknowledge ...

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You gotta have a purpose


Want to start an argument? Bring up religion or politics. Want to start a thoughtful discussion? Mention purpose! New York Times columnist David Brooks, who was one of Chuck Colson’s favorites, has a new column that I think Chuck would ...

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Busy or Full? Let God be God

If you’re like me, you probably often feel guilty when you’re not busy. We all need help — and we’ll get it. Pastor and author Kevin DeYoung tells of a woman visiting the United States from another culture. Soon she ...

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