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Positive parenting

Michael Foust is the father of three small children, a writer and editor, and blogs about parenting at www.michaelfoust.com.

5 family-affirming New Year’s resolutions

Family devotions

My first New Year’s resolution took place as a young adult, when I pledged to read the Bible—from Genesis to Revelation—in one year. I remember enjoying Genesis and Exodus, struggling a bit with Leviticus and Numbers, and then getting bogged ...

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3 life-changing ways to maximize kid time

All of us want to live life without major regrets, but only some of us actually do something about it. I read recently about a man who quit his demanding and time-consuming $100 million job because he felt guilt and ...

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‘Dad, will dinosaurs be in heaven?’


Sometimes I wonder if we Christians have missed the mark when it comes to discussing dinosaurs. I think about this often because I have a 6-year-old who, honestly, wishes he were a triceratops. Too often we seem to get lost ...

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4 ways to make every kid in a large family feel special

Big Family

There’s a humorous but wise adage that many parents who are having their third child eventually hear: “Man-to-man defense no longer applies. You’ll have to switch to a zone.” The meaning in a nutshell? The kids now outnumber the parents. ...

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‘Can I help?’  5 reasons to let kids help with chores

family chores

Some of the most frustrating moments in my life have involved household jobs that required far more time than I initially envisioned. Fixing that stopped-up sink. Painting the room. Changing that broken ceiling fan switch. I consistently underestimate how long ...

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8 stress-reducing steps to a happier family

When you’re at the hospital preparing to take home that 7-pound bundle of joy, the nurses don’t provide any advice on dealing with stress. They don’t even hand you a book. I was thinking about stress recently when my wife ...

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4 tips for telling kids the Easter Story

I won’t ever forget the first time I told my oldest son about Christ’s death and resurrection. It was right after he spit up on my shoulder, and just a few minutes before I placed him gently in his crib. ...

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