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4 (more) New Year’s resolutions for a better family

Praying with your children

My youngest son was born six months ago this month. During that time he has learned to hold his head up, grab toys, roll over, and—my favorite —smile. It’s been an incredible short journey, but it certainly doesn’t seem like ...

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Shedding your freak: From control to confidence


While preparing the devotion for our church’s recent Rejuvenate worship night gathering, I was thinking about the concept of rejuvenating and what it really means. We go about it in different ways. For some it is hiking, for others it’s ...

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Prayer-focused ‘War Room’ opens Aug. 28

War Room

The director who helped bring “Courageous,” “Fireproof” and “Facing the Giants” to the big screen has a big goal for his next film: He wants to see Christians change the way they pray. That director is Alex Kendrick, and his ...

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3 simple ways to teach kids to pray


Children were a focus of Jesus’ ministry. He used the loaves and fish from a boy to feed the 5,000. He healed at least one sick child and raised another one from the dead. He told his followers to have ...

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Kendrick brothers’ ‘War Room’ to spotlight power of prayer

War Room

Don’t tell brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick that a movie about prayer isn’t Hollywood material. After all, they rarely follow traditional movie-making protocol, and fans just keep flocking to theaters. The makers of “Facing the Giants,” “Fireproof” and “Courageous” have ...

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Success over the stress mess


My patient sits across from my desk and the deep audible bellows from her belly cannot be ignored. It’s like a sci-fi soundtrack; intense gurglings and rumbles, then a pitchy squeak. Her doctors are baffled. The intestinal tract, often called ...

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