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Peace on earth at the dinner table

“Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” You’ve seen the commercial for the life-saving medical device. Have you stumbled recently? Not a physical fall like the senior in the TV ad but a fall or departure from a goal, ...

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Medicinal mushrooms blazing a path

As a little kid growing up in East San Diego, I remember heading out in the early morning hours to see what magical alien orbs sprang up overnight on our front lawn. It was my own quirky version of a ...

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Taming the food trigger giant

It’s right about now when I warn my patients to be on guard for the sugar parade: a steady stream of sweet delicacies from Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas to Girl Scout cookie time. Each event could derail any well-meaning consumer. ...

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Winning back a fit body this summer


Summer is here and the most awaited event is taking place as I write—no, not the first day of The Del Mar Fair, but the Miss Universe Pageant. Two very different venues on quite the opposite spectrums of the calorie ...

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Success over the stress mess


My patient sits across from my desk and the deep audible bellows from her belly cannot be ignored. It’s like a sci-fi soundtrack; intense gurglings and rumbles, then a pitchy squeak. Her doctors are baffled. The intestinal tract, often called ...

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The Daniel Plan: Tuning up your temple

“Health doesn’t belong in the church” my then-pastor told me many years ago, as I watched one of the diabetic members pile a load of baked goods on a plate and grin by me. We were sure to always have ...

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Seven deadly diet sins that rob the body of wellness

The following seven dietary sins are common and frequent detours en route to experiencing a more vibrant life. Take a quick inventory of your own daily dietary habits and select one smart solution per week to build a better body ...

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Your journey to vibrant health

A very wise and highly respected dean at my college also happened to be my student government adviser. We worked side-by-side with the other elected college students, ensuring 1987 would be the best year they would experience. Many of us ...

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