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Married to selflessness

August is the month of my wedding anniversary, and I was reminded recently of one of the conflicts we had within the first couple of years of our life together. We were both in jobs that we didn’t like, living ...

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5 family-affirming New Year’s resolutions

Family devotions

My first New Year’s resolution took place as a young adult, when I pledged to read the Bible—from Genesis to Revelation—in one year. I remember enjoying Genesis and Exodus, struggling a bit with Leviticus and Numbers, and then getting bogged ...

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Spring tip for busy couples: Get a marriage tune-up

Your rich uncle in Manchester passes away, leaving you his nearly new Bentley convertible. According to the terms of his will, the car is shipped to you free of charge. One day you’re driving a 10-year-old Toyota; the next day ...

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