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The gentle hand of grace

hands of grace

Most of us have done something dumb, where we can’t believe we put our lives, our jobs, our relationships, at risk, just because we weren’t paying attention. Here’s how it happened when, just days before my wife and I were ...

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Jesus restores what is broken. And even though we may have scars, the scars are not our entire story, merely part of our story. Easter isn’t just about the cross, it’s about the empty tomb. When Jesus appeared to the ...

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Breaking the chains of addiction to porn

Breaking the addiction of porn

Aaron Reinicke was one of 10 children raised in a Christian home. He knew right from wrong, yet by the time he reached legal age, his life had become quite careless. The mess began when he stumbled upon some pornography. ...

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Adventurous gospel


Life of Valor offers four distinct programs, the newest being a daily devotional and physical workout. Daily Dose, or D2, is designed to help men build up their spiritual and physical endurance. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences with ...

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The perfect blend — making dinnertime delicious

Finding the right daily nutritional balance is no easy feat. Managing sugar, carbohydrate, fat and red meat intake takes serious effort and planning, but transforming your favorite recipes into more nutritious family meals may be easier than you realize. Adopting ...

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Kidney disease and children

Kidney disease is not a health problem reserved for adults: children may have kidney disease or health problems that can increase their chance of developing kidney disease as adults. Health problems or conditions present at birth are the main cause ...

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Escaping the comfort zone  |  Mark Larson


I’m here to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. I’ve heard that said from the pulpit more than once, when the next thing to be taught from the pastor might be a bit uncomfortable. It’s an excellent concept, you ...

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