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Answering the whys in life’s difficult valleys


Neil Hoffman was home caring for his three oldest sons, Gavin, 5, Josiah, 3, and Landon, 2, while his wife Heather was at the hospital with their newborn Ryden. Dad had just put his children to bed when he found ...

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Born dead | Baby defies odds after traumatic delivery

Hoffman family

Heather Hoffman was just hours from delivering her fourth child. She was nesting at home. Her husband Neil was vacuuming and doing some other final cleaning chores while they waited Heather’s progression of labor, along with their midwife and doula. ...

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Skin cancer real threat to SoCal sun lovers

skin cancer

Once again, I’ve been “benched” by my dermatologist. No running, swimming or biking for two weeks. For the fifth time in two years, a squamous cell skin cancer has claimed a big chunk of my body. Two ugly scars on ...

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Waving hello to old memories

Bluff Top Trail

As the song says, “There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.” Forget the grammatical issue with that line (though “ain’t” is now in dictionaries). There really are many ways to remedy this seasonal malady. I know, “malady” is an ...

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3 ways to raise modest kids (in an immodest world)


I’m not sure when parents began debating the so-called “sheltering” of children, but I’m pretty sure the conversation became far more significant when television was invented—that is, when we allowed culture to invade our lives. I tend to fall into ...

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Simple weeknight meals your whole family will love

As you “fall” back into your routines and school is back in session, the pace of your home life has likely become a bit more hectic. When it’s nearing the dinner hour and you’re crunched for time, avoid the temptation ...

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Knowing God without knowing all of God

In the post-enlightenment Western world we live by rules of science. Theories are posed, evidence is gathered, facts disputed, and in the end truth is discovered. At least truth about some things is discovered. But the model of scientific discovery ...

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Married to selflessness

August is the month of my wedding anniversary, and I was reminded recently of one of the conflicts we had within the first couple of years of our life together. We were both in jobs that we didn’t like, living ...

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Prayer-focused ‘War Room’ opens Aug. 28

War Room

The director who helped bring “Courageous,” “Fireproof” and “Facing the Giants” to the big screen has a big goal for his next film: He wants to see Christians change the way they pray. That director is Alex Kendrick, and his ...

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Summer concerts — Aug. thru Sept.

As August ushers in the dog days of summer with the sticky heat of monsoon season and the children begin to get restless, many local communities offer the perfect evening diversion for families: the summer concert series. Below is a ...

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