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Reboot of ‘Left Behind’ hits theaters

Left Behind

Of all the jobs in the world, moviemaking surely has to be one of the most challenging ones—especially when it comes to filming subjects no one has ever seen or experienced. For instance, what should a scene look like in ...

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The Giver, a controversial movie

The Giver

Imagine a world in which pain has been eradicated, where social engineering and drugs have quelled jealousy, hatred-even love-an egalitarian world where, for the sake of sameness, people’s ability to see colors has been blocked. Picture a community where destinies ...

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Ragamuffin: Rich Mullins’ Homeless Heart (and ours)


Seventeen years ago, contemporary Christian music and the Church lost a unique man and a terrific songwriter. Many of us remember when Rich Mullins, the talent behind “Sing Your Praise to the Lord,” “Awesome God,” “My Deliverer,” and other treasured ...

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Caviezel stands tall in the new football movie

When the game stands tall

Life and loss, victory and defeat take the field with the TriStar Pictures and Affirm Films release “When the Game Stands Tall.” Starring Jim Caviezel (“Passion of the Christ,” “Person of Interest”), Michael Chiklis (“The Shield,” “The Commish”), Alexander Ludwig ...

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Prayer is the center focus of ‘The Perfect Wave’

The Perfect Wave

Lately, I’ve been reminded of the importance of praying for others despite the seeming lack of results. I’ve felt frustrated and even concerned that my prayers weren’t being heard. Were my entreaties unacceptable to the Lord? Because I’m not perfect ...

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When immigration takes a human face


I recently looked out my front door and saw a woman sitting on the stairs of my patio. She was out of breath, sweaty and had a large basket next to her full of cans and plastic bottles to be ...

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