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The Shack movie: God and your tragedy

The Shack

When your personal tragedy strikes – and it will – is God good? Millions wrestle with that question. The Shack, a bestselling novel and now a movie, uses fanciful fiction to help people process age-old intellectual and emotional struggles about ...

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Author Lee Strobel on ‘The Case for Christ,’ now a movie

“The Case for Christ”

In the early 1980s, Lee Strobel, an atheist and legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, decided to investigate the facts surrounding the case for Christianity — largely to discredit the faith after his wife converted. He interviewed biblical scholars, medical doctors and psychologists; read ...

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New Life movie: Real love, real life

New Life movie

As I watched this film, I often felt like the screenwriters had placed a hidden microphone in my home. True love. Romance. Exciting, intimate, emotional connection. Fulfilling, committed partnership. Joys and sorrows. Drama…tragedy…recovery…triumph. This one’s got real love and real ...

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I’m Not Ashamed movie: Columbine victim’s inspiring story

Rachel Scott

The 1999 Columbine High School massacre became etched in a nation’s collective consciousness. Shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold murdered twelve fellow students and one teacher. Rachel Joy Scott was their first victim. This new film tells her inspiring story. ...

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Bethel Music brings ‘Worship Nights’ to San Diego

Bethel Worship Nights

SAN DIEGO — Bethel Music, featuring members of its Artist Collective, will bring its “Worship Nights” tour to San Diego Aug. 14. The San Diego Civic Theater presentation is the third stop on Bethel’s West Coast tour and will showcase ...

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Fight to end child sex trafficking comes to the big screen


Posing as American sex tourists wanting to buy children, the Operation Underground Railroad’s (O.U.R.) jump team, led by Tim Ballard, meets with traffickers. They negotiate. Dozens of hidden cameras capture the darkness of human trafficking at a party with girls—12, ...

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