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The smartest man I ever met

Dallas Willard

The smartest man I ever met died last year. I still can’t believe he is gone. Daily I think of him, talk to God about him, and live a life of gratefulness because of him. Seventy-seven years he lived on ...

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Forgiveness: The power of a single word


Over the past 40 years I cannot grasp the numbers of people that have asked for counseling. So often in hearing the struggles of San Diegans there are themes I can pick out. These themes and patterns of problems and ...

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Just a biscuit and a blanket

Brittney Hanvey says she doesn’t quite know what made her pull over to the side of the road back in January to offer a homeless man a biscuit. But that seemingly small act set off a chain of events that ...

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Colliding with God


I’m not the most coordinated person in the world. I can trip over my own two feet just as easily as I can trip over an object in my path. There’s a good reason for it. I have “athletically challenged ...

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Family man seeks more than American dream

Lankford family

Joey Lankford’s life was almost too perfect. He and his wife Courtney had a successful business, a big house, cars, money, two vacation homes, everything you could imagine. “Life was good. I was making a great salary running the family ...

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