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  • Silent nights

    400 years. That’s how long God was silent between the Old and New Testaments. The last thing anyone ...

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Faith — In plain sight


Positive parenting

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New Life movie

New Life movie: Real love, real life

As I watched this film, I often felt like the screenwriters had placed a hidden microphone in my ...

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Rachel Scott

I’m Not Ashamed movie: Columbine victim’s inspiring story

The 1999 Columbine High School massacre became etched in a nation’s collective consciousness. Shooters Eric Harris and Dylan ...

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REVIEW: ‘Ben-Hur’ is riveting, realistic and well-done

When the first Ben-Hur trailer was released earlier this year, my concerns were the same as many other ...

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Bethel Worship Nights

Bethel Music brings ‘Worship Nights’ to San Diego

SAN DIEGO — Bethel Music, featuring members of its Artist Collective, will bring its “Worship Nights” tour to ...

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